Howdy! First of all, have a little think about this scenario for us, please. Do you want to be a student again? Waking up nearly every day of the week at 2 in the afternoon, eating takeaways and having a great laugh with your friends. (you got me on your side when I heard the word takeaway). Yes, let’s be young and energetic again. There is a reason why we’re bombarding you with questions. Hold your horses!

Fun Leisure UK recently took to the trip out to Liverpool to showcase our 400+ fun products at the NUS Trade Show. The show is for operational managers and staff at students’ unions in catering, events, entertainment, licensed trade and retail. It truly is a fantastic time to meet and network with the students’ union and show the teams how we can contribute to the market. FLUK co-owners, Haydn Price & Darren Ofsarnie, were on hand to assist and demonstrate how our products/services can increase footfall to nightlife venues. If you missed the team in Liverpool, feel free drop us an email to discuss your requirements over at

September is a busy time for Fun Leisure with the ever so great Fresher’s Week for universities across the nation. We are specialists in student Messy Fun Events hire and currently own Europe’s largest apparatus to make these occasions explosion. Annually, we take Super Paint Party on the road and stop off at the UK’s best city spots, bringing UV paint party hires to the masses…and we LOVE it! We have 90+ university & college event ideas to browse online here. Including; Gunge Tank HireFoam Party Hire and Colours Holi Powder Party Hire.

NUS Trade Show 2016 has been an absolute blast, and we cannot wait to see the entire team in 2017. NUS provides Fun Leisure with access to the massive student market and is the perfect opportunity for you to meet union commercial and operations managers and get our products into the hearts and minds of the students they serve.

Browse over 90 college and university entertainment ideas, email or call 01772 923990.


Splish splash, I was taking a bath! More like…Splish splash, I was taking a COLD bath. Terry from Team Fun, travelled to the north-east on Sunday to carry out an event hire on our latest exciting product. The Dunk Tank! **cue dramatic sound effect** The Daring Dunk Tank! I’m sure you get the point. **deep voiceover** Do you dare to sit upon the Dunk Tank seat? OK! We get it, shut up.

Fun Leisure UK made the trip to Hebburn Sports & Social Ground’s fun-day at the weekend, and even the weather was on our side. Very sunny and fun packed day. A perfect opportunity to showcase our latest outdoor interactive activity – The Water Dunk Tank. It’s ideal added extra to any occasion to make your event stand out from the rest. It’s not often your guests can be involved in such a unique experience.

The Dunk Tank is never a standalone (dry) hire. At Fun Leisure UK we supply an easy to understand complete package. The Dunk Tank includes a Fun Leisure operator who will set up, maintain and pack-down the Dunk Tank. Furthermore, you’ll be experiencing our new wow factor branded unit. All you need to show our team where you would like us to setup.

Fun Leisure’s Dunk Tank is a guaranteed winner at many events, creating hours of laughter, suspense and comradery. Our Dunk Tank comes with all the necessary apparatus; water supply must be obtainable. Other website visitors were also interested in these fun products: Gunge Tank, Giant Pie In Face & Fun Fair Side Stalls. // 01772 923990


Howdy! Throughout the year, we love meeting the public at every possible occasion, including the glamorous wedding fayres up and down the nation. At Fun Leisure UK, a big part of what we do on a day to day basis in the FUN Factory is planning the next BIG student theme party night. We are proud to be part of the UK’s nightlife experience. On Thursday 30th June, FLUK & Big Foot Events were taking part in the Ents Forum Showcase. It’s an annual exhibition, which brings Students’ Union staff together to share and discuss all aspects of the bars and entertainment industry.

Fun Leisure took the trip down south to the Reading University Students’ Union to showcase our 300+ FUN products for the student & nightlife industry. But! We weren’t alone, oh no. ‘Magic’ from our Photo Selfie Mirror came along too. I hope you said Hey?! > Magic Selfie Mirror Hire. He is one of the latest additions to our ever-growing product range, and we are starting to implement ‘Magic’ into restaurants, bars and nightclubs. ‘Magic’ is one of its kind in the UK. Bespoke copyrighted animations and voiceovers make him unique to the student/nightlife audiences.

Fun Leisure co-founder, Darren Ofsarnie was on hand to showcase our themed night party packages, including one of Europe’s largest, Super Paint Party. With over 500,000 people attending one of our many paint parties across Europe in the last five years, we are very proud to show the Students’ Union how SSP can spectacularly increase venue footfall. Who needs to go abroad for this experience?

Fun Leisure is the UK’s largest owner of fun products and special effects. Over 300 products ready to hire to make your event stand out from the rest. Be bold. Be different. Let us sprinkle the event magic.


It’s always good fun watching Total Wipeout on the TV, the flips, rolls and tumbles. It all makes for the best entertainment that’ll keep you giggling for hours. But, how many times have you even said, I could do that? It’s super easy! This weekend we opened up the wipeout challenge to the guests of Colin & Lyne’s 8th Anniversary.

On sunny Saturday, the Fun Leisure team took the trip out to The Railway Inn, Wirral to provide the fun inflatable game; Last Man Standing Wipeout. Colin & Lyne wanted to find a product that could entertainment their family and friends for hours. Suitable for all ages? And, guarantee it’ll go down a treat? Check those two boxes. It always has to be the Last Man Standing Wipeout hire.

Wipeout inflatable is ideal as a perfect interactive activity for team building, corporate events, fun days and birthday party entertainment. The inflatable includes; Inflatable Wipe Out Base, Wipeout Attachment, Wipeout Mechanical Base, 6 Headguards, Control Station, Inflator and a Fun Leisure operator throughout the entirety of your event.

Here are some snaps from Wirral:

A Total Wipeout Last Man Standing Hire information can be found here. Visitors looking for Wipeout Inflatables were also interested in the following Fun products; Water Walkers, Human Hungry Hippos & It’s A Knockout. // 01772 923990