CO2 T-Shirt Gun Hire Lincolnshire

Quick question, How are your New Years resolutions going? Oh I see, you’ve used your mighty gym membership twice, gave up on a diet, and Dry January is non-existent. We understand that January drags and it seems like an eternity until the first pay day. This is why at Fun Leisure our resolutions are straightforward, and we have one aim to start the New Year with a bang. A CO2 T-Shirt Gun is, without a doubt, one of the coolest looking entertainment products available and is perfect for any college or universities theme nights. We took the trip to The Engine Room in Lincoln to supply event support by firing out promotional t-shirts into the crowd of hundreds of students…did we mention how cool it looks? Feel free to watch the CO2 T-Shirt Gun Hire in action:

The T-Shirt Launcher was hired in by Michael Redpath who heads up Lincoln’s Students’ Union. We were first introduced to Michael this time 12 months ago; he explained to us his ambitions for the University’s Engine Room venue and how he wanted to bring monthly theme nights to the campus. We took his goals and delivered 10+ events including the ever so popular prop theme nightsChristmas Grottos and Inflatable Games. Working with Michael over past year has been truly fantastic, and we have built up an excellent relationship. The Students’ Union wanted to start off their “Refreshers” differently and came to us looking to hire CO2 T-Shirt Gun to kick off 2017. Like all of our special effect units, we supplied an operative who set up and primed the CO2 and then it was over to the DJ who fired it into the crowd. Fun Leisure provides an operator for peace of mind with all products, building trust with our clients.

Using a T-Shirt Gun is the only way to capture all of your audience’s attention and create brand recognition at its best. C02 T-shirt guns are hugely popular in the states and are slowly becoming more and more popular in the UK. Use your cannon to fire your sponsors or brands t-shirts directly into the public via the T-shirt launcher. Plus its great fun, and you look cool doing it. Our T-Shirt launchers are ideal for exhibitions, nightlife experiences and product launches. Fun Leisure stocks a selection of the UK’s largest effects apparatus including Foam/Snow Cannons and Super Paint Parties (view more here).

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