We’re used to taking exciting deliveries here at Fun Leisure and this one was certainly one of the best!

We’ve grown our products and services massively over the last few years through visiting American and European shows to get ahead of the competition with the latest equipment.

To continue the trend we’ve invested heavily in a very rare and eye-catching attraction that we’re proud to start offering to our clients.

Imagine hosting an event and surprising everyone with a giant T Rex complete with a huge roar, a dominating walk and intimidating blinking eyes that roam your event as guests gasp with excitement.

A giant dinosaur hire ticks all the boxes for creating an unforgettable event and that’s what we’re all about at Fun Leisure. ‘Tee’ is our resident Rex and we’ve loved having him so far as we’ve tried and tested all his neat features and paraded him around Fun HQ, much to our neighbour’s confusion!

Our dinosaur is one of the very best and most lifelike models available for hire in not only the North West but the entire UK. He isn’t picky about what kind of event he’s invited to either and he say’s he’s happy at birthdays, corporate events, public appearances, student and school events and anything in between

All giant dinosaurs come with their very caring and informative keepers to make sure Tee is behaving himself and to get him back into the van to make his way safely home.

If you’re looking to add the wow factor to your next event anywhere in the UK then you can enquire with us about Tee, or any of our other products and services, on 01772 923990.