As soon as Winter hits most people get excited about Christmas but very few people are overly thrilled about defrosting the car in the morning and regardless of layers still being cold. As you head into March and the chill begins to subside, a little, you would be forgiven for thinking it was only going to get better.

This is where outdoor events can begin to thrive and we’ve got some great inflatable ideas to make your spring events even better.

Rodeo Bull Hire

The rodeo bull is a staple for all events and over the years we have hired out our bull hundreds of times. Rodeo bulls are available throughout the UK and are always one of the first pieces of equipment we recommend for outdoor events. They generate a lot of interest and when someone is on it, everyone knows the outcome, but they still stand by and watch as they get flung around and drop off.

If you’re looking to plan a more seasonal event, there are now themed rodeos you can look at. Some of the most popular ones are the pumpkin, giant football, sheep, Christmas pudding and more.

Bouncy Castles For Hire

You’ll have seen umpteen people on Facebook trying to sell their bouncy castles cheaper than the rest and you’ll be half tempted, but beware! Bouncy castles require a lot of upkeep and testing so be sure to ask for all the paperwork to ensure that what you hire is up to the right standards.

Away from the paperwork side of things hiring a bouncy castle is a fantastic addition to any event. The range and creativity on the market nowadays are unreal and far surpasses the traditional yellow and red colourful square ones traditionally made.

We’ve toured the UK for small and large clients who love the bouncy castles due to them having a decent capacity at any one time and the quality is mega important, especially when you want to make an impression.


Ball Pit Hire

After overseeing the install of a permanent ball pool in a nightclub in Preston we know how popular these are in popular evening venues as well as the typical event.

With over 10,000 balls in one pool, we find a huge demand for ball pit hire and the range of uses are amazing. We’ve hired out ball pools for competitions to pull out the most valuable prizes as well as a nostalgic centrepiece in bars and venues.


Laser Tag Hire

Now, this is something very different and works perfectly indoor or outdoor, providing you have enough space!

Laser tag hasn’t been as prominent since the days of Megabowl and Wimpy Burger teaming up but the thought of laser tag still excites everyone.

The full set up is 1000 square feet and you can have two teams of up to five players. It’s a straightforward game with the aim being to shoot before being shot! There are different games within the laser arena so you can go solo or handicap as well as the team options.

These are just four of our favourite suggestions and we’ve got hundreds more regardless of the event type, date, indoor or outdoor and budget.

laser tag hire

When it comes to any party entertainment hire for an event of any size you want to give your guests the most unforgettable experience you can but in most cases, you’ve a few restraints. Some of the most common we experience when working alongside our clients are space, budget and not fully knowing the potential of Fun Leisure!

We’re always interested in getting as involved in an event as our clients would like us to be and our experience usually allows us to contribute to make events extra special. With over 30 years’ experience between our small office team, we’re perfectly placed to give great advice.

We’ve got some favourite products of ours you may not have considered for your next event and some you may already be thinking about but you’re unsure of the benefits of them!

Gunge Tank Hire

The entire team LOVE the concept of the gunge tank and the events that gunge tanks have been hired for have always been the most fun!

You could select a few people to take part in the gunging as part of a forfeit during a three-hour gunge tank hire. Our operators assist people in and out of the tank, conduct the countdown then away they go, covered in thick gunge from head to toe!

Another great use of the gunge tank is to raise funds for charity and have volunteers collecting donations in the run-up to the big day to make the chosen charities plenty of donations as well as giving the crowd something to look forward to.

Large corporations such as N Power have recently used the gunge tank as part of a promotional campaign as it raised morale, creating content for their social media channels and also gave their campaign more coverage.

gunge tank hire

Interactive Games

As part of a package, the classic interactive games create a hub of excitement as guests gather around the likes of air hockey, double shot basketball, strike a light and table football.

Arcade style games are an inexpensive way to generate a lot of nostalgic affection and talking points. People love nothing better than getting together with their friends and playing games that are simple, competitive and that reminds them of their youth or the arcades.

Strike a light is a favourite among clients as it allows two people to pit their speed and coordination against each other. Imagine whack-a-mole, minus the moles and insert flashing lights that change furiously to gain bragging rights over their opponent.

Classics such as table football and air hockey are very straightforward and the benefit of these are the appeal to all kinds of guests at any kind of event.

Whether an event is formal or casual and invitees are young or old, anyone can get involved with these games. Skill is required but mistakes are frequent and that creates a lottery kind of affect on these games as anyone can beat anyone!

arcade machine hire

Dance Machine Hire

From the small screen in your bedroom in the days of PlayStation One and Two onto a big screen and into your event. We mentioned nostalgia earlier but this really is a blast from the not so distant past.

The dance machine has no real negatives and as far as attractiveness is certainly one of the best to get instant attention.

The dance machine hire is perfect for events where there are competitive and fun people in the room. Unlike the other games, you do have the potential to draw attention to yourself so you would expect self-conscious people to be a little put-off. This is where the dance machines old school vibe and the competitive side shines through and makes everyone feel comfortable.

These are just a few of the ideas we pass onto our clients to add a little more sparkle to their events. For all these products and more inspiration, you can speak to our team on 01772 471 477.

hire a dance machine